Do you have any doubts?

How do I get started with Nailster gel polish?

If you have never worked with gel polish before, or you're just not sure how to approach our Nailster gel polish, you can read through our user guide. It guides you step by step through each process to achieve a beautiful and durable result.

How do I take off my Nailster gel polish?

Take off my Nailster gel polish? You wrap your nails in our lint-free wipes wetted with nail polish remover and then apply our nail clips, which will seal the nails and ensure optimal conditions for the nail polish remover. After 15 minutes, you can check one of the nails and see how dissolved the polish is. If it's still stuck in some places, you let the seal stay on for an extra 15-30 minutes.

Can I use Nailster on my acrylic/gel nails?

Yes, absolutely. When you file the surface, you can add a layer of Base Coat, and then your gel polish color and the Top Coat to finish. BUT if it's glue-on nails, we do not recommend using Nailster, since the procedure for removing them requires that you dissolve the gel polish and the glue-on nails can't take that and will fall off your natural nail.

Nailster nail biters?

You can use Nailster as a nail biter, and it's great for you. This is because you give your nails peace and quiet to grow long and strong.

Should I take a break with Nailster so my nails can breathe?

No, your nails consist of dead horn layers (keratin), and your nails do not breathe, so you do not have to take breaks.

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At Nailster, you will find everything you need to use gel polish, including coloured gel polish, UV and LED lamps, as well as accessories and tools. Our large selection of Nailster gel polish products are aimed at both the beginner and the experienced gel polish enthusiast, and if you are not sure how to get started, we recommend that you check out our user guide.

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