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Nailster Photo pad


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Use our Nailster photo pad to take great pictures of your nail art and share them with others!

Our photo base is double-sided, with a white and a black side.

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Why do I need Nailster gel polish base coat?

Our gel polish base coat ensures that our colored gel polishes adhere better. Our base coat also prevents discoloration of your own nails.

How do I take off my Nailster gel polish?

You wrap your nails in our lint-free wipes wetted with nail polish remover and then apply our nail clips, which will seal the nails and ensure optimal conditions for the nail polish remover. After 15 minutes, you can check one of the nails and see how dissolved the polish is. If it's still stuck in some places, you let the seal stay on for an extra 15-30 minutes.


your guide to beautiful nails


Prep your nails: Wash hands, remove dirt, push the cuticle back, remove dead skin at the edge of the cuticle, use the buffer on top of the nail plate to matte them to remove oil layers, wipe with lint-free pads to remove any oil residue finish by applying primer and let it air dry


Apply basecoat, let it dry in the UV lamp for 60 seconds. Then you only need to apply your favorite color!


After applying your favorite color, use our Pro UV lamp to dry the nail polish for 60 seconds.


Give your nails a finish with a topcoat and you can possibly decorate your nails with nail art both before and after using the UV lamp