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Subdued mica colour, with small mica pieces.

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Subdued mica colour, with small mica pieces.

A gellac nail polish with great pigmentation, colour and durability that is easy to apply on both feet and hands. Our Nailster Color Coat can last up to three weeks, depending on how thoroughly the preparation is done. Remember that our various Color Coats must always be cured under a UV and LED lamp.

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Why does the gel polish color get on my Top Coat?

That's because your gel polish color isn't curing for long enough. Regular gel polish colors should have 1-2 minutes in the LED lamp. If your gel polish color is white, black, dark brown, dark red or white, then the color contains a lot of pigment that the light has difficulty penetrating, and therefore these colors should have 50% extra time in the light.

Why are the colors of the gel polish not the same as in the pictures?

Since gel polish colors are difficult to display on a computer, iPhone or mobile phone, and since the level of true-to-life color of each device is different, then the colors will not be the same for everyone who sees them, as the devices cannot show glitter and neon or color differences when the color is seen in the sun or in the shade, as well as display colors with incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, halogen and LED lights. That's why we have texts and swatches of all gel polish colors that we describe under the image of the gel polish color, to help with seeing the color and read what they look like, as well as whether the color changes in the sun or shade, and whether they have a pearly effect, micro glitter or something else.


your guide to beautiful nails


Prep your nails: Wash hands, remove dirt, push the cuticle back, remove dead skin at the edge of the cuticle, use the buffer on top of the nail plate to matte them to remove oil layers, wipe with lint-free pads to remove any oil residue finish by applying primer and let it air dry


Apply basecoat, let it dry in the UV lamp for 60 seconds. Then you only need to apply your favorite color!


After applying your favorite color, use our Pro UV lamp to dry the nail polish for 60 seconds.


Give your nails a finish with a topcoat and you can possibly decorate your nails with nail art both before and after using the UV lamp