Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the gel polish cure in the LED lamp?

Regular colors should cure for 1-2 minutes in the LED lamp. Dark colors, white and dark red should cure 50% longer, as these colors contain a lot of pigment that the light has a hard time penetrating and curing.

Why does the gel polish color get on my Top Coat?

That's because your gel polish color isn't curing for long enough. Regular gel polish colors should have 1-2 minutes in the LED lamp. If your gel polish color is white, black, dark brown, dark red or white, then the color contains a lot of pigment that the light has difficulty penetrating, and therefore these colors should have 50% extra time in the light.

Why does my gel polish detach at the tip of the nails?

It does if you forgot to seal the nail tip on the first coat of gel polish.

Why are the colors of the gel polish not the same as in the pictures?

Since gel polish colors are difficult to display on a computer, iPhone or mobile phone, and since the level of true-to-life color of each device is different, then the colors will not be the same for everyone who sees them, as the devices cannot show glitter and neon or color differences when the color is seen in the sun or in the shade, as well as display colors with incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, halogen and LED lights. That's why we have texts and swatches of all gel polish colors that we describe under the image of the gel polish color, to help with seeing the color and read what they look like, as well as whether the color changes in the sun or shade, and whether they have a pearly effect, micro glitter or something else.

Why can I rip off my gel polish?

That's because your gel polish has no contact with your nail plate. Either you forgot to file the top fat layer off of the nails before you put on your gel polish and/or you haven't used gel polish bond and Base Coat first, then your gel polish doesn't adhere on your nail plate and can be pulled off.

Why do I have to file the surface of my natural nail before adding gel polish?

That's because we all have a fat layer at the top of the nails and the gel polish doesn't adhere to a fat layer. You should not actually file on top of your nails, just gently remove the top fat layer with a buffer.

Why does my gel polish lift from the nail plate (Gel Polish Lifting)?

Lifting is when gel polish lifts from the nail plate and does not adhere by the cuticles. To avoid lifting, it's important that you use Bond/PH and Base Coat so that your gel polish get a good adhesion to the nail plate. Make sure at the first coat of gel polish to brush around at the tip of the nail. If you touch your cuticles with the gel polish, then the nail will grow out and where the gel polish was stuck, it loosens, and lifting will happen. (Cuticle is a layer of skin that is around your nail to protect the nail growth from bacteria that can damage nail growth. The cuticle is gently pushed back before adding a coat of gel polish. The cuticle consists of protein, and protein consists of fat, and no products adhere to a fat layer)

Why doesn't my gel polish cure?

Gel polish typically needs to cure for 1-2 min. under a LED lamp. BUT gel polish comes in a great variety of colors. The more pigment there is in the color — the more time the color needs to cure. So since black, white and dark colors have a lot of pigment, they therefore need to cure 50% longer than usual.

Why are there wrinkles in my Gel polish?

Your gel polish is gathering and creating wrinkles because the gel polish coat is too thick. Instead, apply three thin coats rather than two thick coats.

Why does my Gel polish burn my nails?

Gel polish does not burn the nails if they are healthy, and if there's no product on the skin. The nail plate consists of dead horn layers (keratin). Gel polish burns on the nails if the nail is injured and, for example, too much filing on the surface will make the surface of the nail turn very red. It will also burn during the curing in the lamp if you have gel polish on your cuticles, as the skin will then have a burning sensation under the lamp.


your guide to beautiful nails


Prep your nails: Wash hands, remove dirt, push the cuticle back, remove dead skin at the edge of the cuticle, use the buffer on top of the nail plate to matte them to remove oil layers, wipe with lint-free pads to remove any oil residue finish by applying primer and let it air dry


Apply basecoat, let it dry in the UV lamp for 60 seconds. Then you only need to apply your favorite color!


After applying your favorite color, use our Pro UV lamp to dry the nail polish for 60 seconds.


Give your nails a finish with a topcoat and you can possibly decorate your nails with nail art both before and after using the UV lamp